Lutaprost® 250

Injectable Solution

Luteolytic agent of reduced dose
Camels Goats Horses Sheep Swine Cattle


Cloprostenol sodium 0.263 mg, excipients q.s. ad 1 mL.


Synthetic analog of prostaglandin, structurally related to prostaglandin F2a. Powerful luteolytic agent that induces functional and morphological regression of the luteal body (luteolysis). After  2 to 4 days, luteolysis is followed by return to oestrus with normal ovulation. Its clinical applications can vary according to the target specie.

Dosage and Administration

Cows: 2 mL (intramuscular) or 1 mL (submucous-intravulvar): mares: 1 mL (intramuscular); sows: 0.7 mL (intramuscular) or 0.35 mL (submucous-intravulvar); sheep and goats: 0.6 mL (intramuscular) or 0.15 mL (submucous-intravulvar); camelids: 1 mL (intramuscular).

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 10 mL , Bottle x 20 mL , Bottle x 30 mL ,

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