Tolfén L.A. 8%®

Injectable Solution

Long- acting non steroidal anti-inflammatory

Lutaprost® 250

Injectable Solution

Luteolytic agent of reduced dose

Dormi-Xyl® 2

Injectable Solution

Sedative, analgesic, anesthetic and muscle relaxant


Injectable Solution

Fast-acting dissociative anestetic


Injectable Solution

Anesthesia induction - Combination of anesthetic, tranquilizer and anticholinergic


Injectable Solution

General barbituric anesthesic


Tablet Oral

Chondroprotective for bones and joints

Booster® RN

Oral Paste

First line of defense for newborn calves

Chick Booster® con Nucleótidos OS

Oral Solution

Complete Bioestimulant in Balanced Fomula based on Vitamins, Amino acids, Minerals, Electrolytes and Essential Fatty Acids.

ChickVit® ADE+C OS

Oral Solution

Microemulsified Association of Vitamins A, D and E, added with Vitamin C at High Concentration

ChickVit® B OS

Oral Solution

Association of all Complex B Vitamins Added with Essential Amino Acids

ChickVit® ESe OS

Oral Solution

Microemulsified and Ballanced Association of Vitamin E with Organic Chelated Selenium