Agrogenta® 11

Injectable Solution

Broad-spectrum aminoglycoside


Otic Suspension

Antibiotic-antiinflammatory combination

Pen Duo Strep® 250/200

Injectable Suspension

Synergic antibiotic combination with wide spectrum

Aminoplex® Light

Injectable Solution

Electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins

Calcidex Forte

Injectable Solution

Mineralizing reconstituent

Catofos® B9+B12

Injectable Solution

Organic phosphorus stimulant with hematopioetic vitamins

Coloidex® Multivitaminado

Injectable Emulsion

Colloidal calcium with vitamins

Fertimin Se®

Injectable Solution

Mineral Supplement - Adjuvant in Metabolic and Reproductive Disorders

Hematofos B12®

Injectable Solution

Multi-tonic complemented with phosphorous


Injectable Solution

Liver Protector

Kinodyl® Se

Injectable Solution

Stimulant and energetic muscle eutrophic


Injectable Solution

Organic modifier - Organic functions stimulating